Running your own business means that you are continuously wearing multiple hats as you look to manage all the functions within your business. Bellingham IT’s ONE package means that you no longer have to wear an IT hat - as for a small monthly fee, all of your IT requirements are met. We proactively manage the smooth running of your systems securely, whilst being available for any reactive requirements that may crop up. This ensures you maximise your time in/on the business on those areas that you are best at and add the greatest value.


ONE set-up fee

ONE monthly payment

ONE contact number

ONE year contract

ONE less thing to worry about

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£50  + VAT per User per Month

£100  + VAT per User set up fee

What you get

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How quickly can I set the service up?

Bellingham IT has an efficient on-boarding process which ensures that you can be set up and fully supported within 5 working days. The speed of set up will be largely dependent on the number of users, range of devices and existing software in place.

Will you have to visit my site to resolve my IT issues?

90% of Bellingham IT support calls are resolved remotely by taking control of your device via remote access tools. Occasionally Bellingham IT may not be able to solve your issue remotely, which is when we will arrange a Covid-safe site visit.


What happens at the end of 12 months?

The initial contract is for a period of 12 months. Once you are entering the last quarter of your contract you will be contacted to see whether you would like to end the agreement, continue on a rolling monthly basis, or commit to another 12 month support package (which is the cheaper option).

Is the set-up fee a one-off fee?

Yes, the set-up fee is only incurred at the very start of the first year’s support. This fee is for set-up of the business, so will cover up to 4 users - £100 a head.

What if I already have Office 365?

That is fine, Office365 is a monthly software subscription anyway so we can take your existing account and wrap it into the BIT One service offering.


Am I invoiced on a monthly basis for ongoing support?

Yes, typically most BIT One customers like to spread the cost over the year and are invoiced monthly which is taken via a direct debit agreement. There is, however, the option to pay for the whole year in advance. 

What if I already have Anti-Virus Software?

If you are already part way through a 12-month subscription with an anti-virus software provider, we can let that continue and switch to our preferred solution once the existing 12-month agreement expires.



What size of business does the BIT One offering support?

BIT One was originally created to support micro-businesses. The monthly charge is on a per-user basis which makes economical sense up to around 4 users. As the business grows beyond this size we will work with you to provide a support package which is more closely aligned to the stage of the businesses lifecycle to ensure cost efficiencies are maximised.

What geographic area does the BIT One service cover?

Although 90% of issues can be resolved remotely, because occasionally site visits may be required, we can only offer this service to clients within a 60-minute radius. In essence this covers the whole of West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire, and specific areas within North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

Will project work / IT consultancy services be covered?

No. The four main areas of support covered within our BIT One service are help-desk support, operations/software, security and continuity. Basically everything you need to maintain the day-to-day running of the business. Anything which is more strategic and requires specialist input is outside the scope of BIT One and will be viewed as a separate chargeable project.

Do you offer out of hours support?

Yes. Standard hours of support covered within the agreement are 8am to 6pm. We understand however that micro businesses working hours may shift considerably so we do have the ability to offer IT support out of these hours for an additional surcharge.

What is the difference with the BIT One Plus service?

The BIT One Plus service is specifically aimed at businesses who require a higher level of security due to the sensitive nature of the data that they process. This package will align their business to Cyber Essentials and ensure they are fully compliant with all policies and procedures.

Does BIT One cover support on hardware and software?

Yes. Whether you have an issue with a specific device, system synchronisation or software functionality our IT helpdesk support will be able to resolve your problem efficiently.

How quickly will you respond to any IT needs that I have?

Between the hours of 8am and 6pm our IT support helpdesk team are available on one phone number to immediately respond to any issue you may have. All support tickets are ranked depending on how critical they are to the business. We will have an SLA agreement in place before the contract starts agreeing our response times for each level of support ticket. A typical non-urgent support ticket is resolved within 5 days

What's the benefit of backing everything up to the cloud?

Through specific software and processes all data will be backed up to the cloud. This means that all data within the business is held securely and is not device dependent. If, for example, your laptop was lost or stolen, we would still be able to access all of your emails and files on another device from the cloud (and block all access to them on the stolen device). Backing up to the cloud also means that you can free up much more memory space on your local device so your devices don’t slow down, providing longevity.

How does the referral scheme work?

If you recommend BIT One to a friend or colleague and they sign up for the year, Bellingham IT will thank you with either £40 cash, or £80 of Bellingham IT credit. All they have to do is mention your name when they sign-up (we will also prompt them by asking where they heard about us).


"Our goal was to find an IT team that were experts in their field while also having extensive knowledge of our needs as a manufacturer. Bellingham IT has an impressive track record and was the obvious choice for our organisation."


"IT is integral to supporting our future growth. Recognising this, we made the commitment to invest in our infrastructure but knew that finding the right partner was crucial. We did not want a supplier that would work at arm’s length, but one that was willing to understand our business inside and out. Bellingham, through their bespoke offering, can do just that!"

Production Park.

"Ever since Bellingham began working on this project, Proton Group has been given peace of mind that their customers and employees are being provided with a highly efficient IT service."

Proton Group.

"As a partnership business ourselves we really value personal service, and this is what sets Bellingham IT apart from its competitors. They care about helping us grow and have enabled us to work really flexibly during a challenging period. We had to react swiftly to the pandemic and quickly adapt our offering. We could not have done this without Bellingham IT’s proactive and responsive support."

Tunley Engineering.

“Having recently opened another branch it has given us peace of mind to know that we don’t have to worry about the IT system or software and we can concentrate on offering or customers the best products and services”

James Clarke, Managing Director, Hodsons Estate Agents.

“We are a growing business with changing needs. We needed an IT supplier who understood our long-term needs, could advise on technology and provide our everyday service while making sure our system is secure and can grow.  Bellingham IT looks after all our hardware and software giving us freedom and peace of mind to operate as electrical and mechanical engineers knowing we are supported by a professional network.”

Claire Oldroyd, Semco UK.

“Bellingham IT are professional and responsive and they have allowed us to manage the growth of the business comfortably, with an affordable solution. Bellingham IT’s services provides peace of mind. They are there when you need them, which is important but you also know they are providing a blanket of security all the time.”

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