Bellingham IT is so much more than just ‘the company who looks after your IT.

  • Bellingham IT is the trusted partner who:
  • Takes time to understand your business
  • Reduces your IT operating costs
  • Improves your process efficiency to increase your productivity
  • Remains transparent with frequent proactive reporting
  • Facilitates your growth today, and into the future
  • Improves your customers’ experience

Our Mission

To enable companies to improve business performance through the power of technology, driven by a future-proofed solution to become the market leaders in their field.


Our Values

  • Be Transparent – being open, honest and forging long-lasting relationships with our customers
  • Continual Learning & Development – staying knowledgeable and relevant, always adapting to the ever-changing IT landscape
  • Communication – presenting regular opportunities for two-way conversations with our team and our customers
  • Culture – creating an environment where our team is happy and provided with a means to develop
  • Customer Focus – providing technology to help customers work easier, faster and smarter
  • Commercial – understanding our customer’s business goals to shape their IT needs

Our People

There is nobody our company values more than our team.

Because without them, there is no support for our customers. No one to remove those IT headaches. No forward-thinkers to help companies become their best. No brains to develop the IT strategies of tomorrow, to streamline the processes and take businesses across the UK into the future.

The team at Bellingham IT is unique. Highly skilled in IT, yes. Keen to develop their career further, of course. Proactive in caring for our customers, ever professional. And regularly going above and beyond to service your requirements, always.

Together, our team makes Bellingham IT the success it is today. Treating their peers and our customers with respect, focusing on the end goal and creating the right impression every time.