Here at Bellingham IT, our commitment is to work smarter and harder to give our customers the perfect combination of amazing value, leading services, and a fantastic experience.

We believe our customers do not just want to know you can solve their problem, but they want to know that you do a better job than anyone else.

A selection of testimonials from clients past and present:

Semco UK

“We are a growing business with changing needs. We needed an IT supplier who understood our long-term needs, could advise on technology and provide our everyday service while making sure our system is secure and can grow. Bellingham IT looks after all our hardware and software giving us freedom and peace of mind to operate as electrical and mechanical engineers knowing we are supported by a professional network.”

Complete Fire Solutions

“Bellingham IT are professional and responsive and they have allowed us to manage the growth of the business comfortably, with an affordable solution. Bellingham IT’s services provides peace of mind. They are there when you need them, which is important but you also know they are providing a blanket of security all the time.”



Tunley Engineering

"As a partnership business ourselves we really value personal service, and this is what sets Bellingham IT apart from its competitors. They care about helping us grow and have enabled us to work really flexibly during a challenging period. We had to react swiftly to the pandemic and quickly adapt our offering. We could not have done this without Bellingham IT’s proactive and responsive support."


"Our goal was to find an IT team that were experts in their field while also having extensive knowledge of our needs as a manufacturer. Bellingham IT has an impressive track record and was the obvious choice for our organisation."

Proton Group 

"Ever since Bellingham began working on this project, Proton Group has been given peace of mind that their customers and employees are being provided with a highly efficient IT service."

Production Park

"IT is integral to supporting our future growth. Recognising this, we made the commitment to invest in our infrastructure but knew that finding the right partner was crucial. We did not want a supplier that would work at arm’s length, but one that was willing to understand our business inside and out. Bellingham, through their bespoke offering, can do just that!"