O365 and leading software from IT systems experts

O365 and leading software from IT systems experts.

Communicating with your customers, your partners, and your colleagues is crucial to winning the day.

Having effective software on your desktop machines and servers enables better communication across the board and is critical to your business operations. In every industry, across every function, it’s what drives your business forward, from creating and sending customer quotes to tallying your sales figures each month, and everything in between. The right software will help you do that while also providing a platform to retain and store the thousands of documents your business accumulates.

With the advance in cloud-based technology, solutions such as Office 365 have made for even greater business productivity, increasing customer engagement through a solution that’s highly accessible at a lower cost. It’s no surprise a billion people worldwide use O365 to help their teams communicate, create documents and collaborate on projects. Which is great news for business owners whose key objective is enabling staff to facilitate any customer needs quickly and efficiently using tools they can trust.

The BIT Benefit

With two decades’ experience providing IT solutions to customers of all shapes and sizes, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about software and the many applications available for business. Plus, we have the licensing models to match, with extensive capabilities in sourcing and implementing best-in-class solutions for PCs and servers to suit all manner of needs, physical or virtual.

What to expect:

  • Experts in deploying O365 platforms into small businesses to increase productivity, connectivity and customer engagement.
  • A vendor-agnostic approach to all systems solutions, providing you with a range of software options to meet your ongoing needs.
  • Advice on new software releases and version updates, supporting roll-outs and complete migrations in line with your roadmap.
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The most effective software solutions – now and for tomorrow

IT never stands still, and it’s our responsibility to stay informed of technology and any progression within the industry, so you don’t have to.

Bellingham IT sits at the forefront of the IT industry, aware of the latest and (not so) greatest software solutions, ready to provide professional advice to help guide your business forward. It starts by understanding your IT position today, and where your business wishes to be, before presenting a future-proofed solution to facilitate the journey. Whether you’re already benefiting from virtual technology or looking for a provider to assist your transition to the cloud, Bellingham IT has all the knowledge and expertise you need in an IT partner. 


When it comes to hardware, you want more than the best. Expect robust systems, built to last, all at an affordable cost.

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Safeguard your network and systems against intrusion from external or internal sources to prevent data loss or system downtime.

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