Protect your business assets against malicious activity

Protect your business assets against malicious activity.

One of your most valued assets in business is your data.

Whether you’re a start-up with minimal information stored or a long-standing company with several terabytes-worth, you have a responsibility to protect your business data from harm, particularly when this includes your many customers’ personal details. After all, your reputation depends on it.

While no business ever plans to suffer a data breach, it happens all too frequently and in many cases, could have been avoided. With intrusion on the rise, you need a robust security strategy to ensure maximum protection for your network and infrastructure against multiple security threats. In addition, you need systems installed to safeguard each entry point against harm, while not forgetting that intrusion isn’t always from an external source and can happen from within too.

The BIT Benefit

How do you keep on top of this ever-evolving beast called systems security? It’s where the team from Bellingham IT shines. We’re experts in data security protocol and industry-leading security products, so you don’t have to be. And we’re ready to advise you on how to safeguard your network infrastructure and prevent damage to your intellectual property and brand reputation.

What to expect:

  • Access to the latest data security products from leading industry vendors, positioning the solutions best aligned to your business IT security strategy.
  • A team of knowledgeable security experts who remain up to speed on the latest threats as they occur.
  • Leading security solutions that protect against the latest threats from malware and emerging viruses.
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Safeguarding your intellectual property and data

Protecting your valuable assets from intrusion may sound complex, but to Bellingham IT, implementing security systems is what we do every day.

Our team takes pride in its ‘no stone unturned’ approach to security, which begins with a full network audit to pinpoint vulnerable areas. After advising on how and where to protect your IT environment, our info-security experts work with leading industry partners to source the solutions best suited to you, before supporting your in-house team with systems roll-out and knowledge-share. What’s more, when data security next evolves – as it continues to do – Bellingham’s pro-active team will be quick to advise on best-practice.


Leading solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 keep your team operating at full efficiency and ensure customer needs are fulfilled quickly.

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When it comes to hardware, you want more than the best. Expect robust systems, built to last, all at an affordable cost.

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