It is Bellingham IT’s mission to enable companies to fully exploit the power of technology, improving business performance and supporting them to become market leaders in the respective fields, with secure future-proof solutions.

Many IT companies focus on the technology.  Bellingham IT focus on the client.  Before we engage fully with any client, we make sure that we completely understand their aims, ambitions and attitude to technology and the role it can play.Together we plot out a roadmap on how IT can help the business achieve its operational objectives, whether this is through improved process efficiencies, team collaboration, protection from potential risks, flexible working practices or responsiveness to minimise business critical downtime.

We use the roadmap method because it is not just about what the company considers important today, but where they are wanting to progress to in the future.  Once we fully understand the required journey, we can ensure that they have the required software, hardware, processes and systems to not only support them, but to speed up that journey.For some clients we may end up digitally transforming their business, whilst for others we may just be required to support one area of operations with a responsive support service.  Although IT is not the core focus for any of our clients, it plays an incredibly important role and underpins their success.

Bellingham IT takes pride in the long-standing partnerships it has with a number of clients, which is testament to the consistent professional service we offer, and ensuring we are always putting our client’s interests first.  We know that if we help our clients grow, it is only going to help us to grow alongside them. As a Yorkshire business, primarily servicing Yorkshire SMEs, a direct, honest and straightforward approach is the natural way we deal with our clients.  We try and avoid industry technical jargon as we know the majority of our customers don’t understand it. We enjoy working in an open and transparent manner and are looking to build up a bank of clients who value this approach.