The Growth Mindset

As with many areas of business, some companies see IT as a “necessary evil” which they know they need but don’t really understand (or want to), and others who see the opportunity that IT and technology offers to their business. Bellingham IT seeks out clients who have the latter mindset. 

We work with a select group of ambitious business owners who want to grow their business and fully understand the role that IT and technology can play it that journey. Unless you maintain a “finger on the pulse” approach with IT, then very quickly the software, hardware, processes and solutions which once offered you advantages over your competitors could start to slow you down.

Future Aspirations

Bellingham IT never installs a recommended solution that it has never tested itself internally and we always think of the future direction of your business.  This approach means that everything is tried and tested and future-proofed, so that it can grow with your business, rather than constrain it. We enjoy working with businesses who have aspirations of being the best in their field.  We understand that it isn’t the technology itself that is important, it is the application of that technology and the benefits in terms of outputs that it brings to the business.  Only if you are continually monitoring and evaluating operational efficiencies and process, can you improve them.

All of the clients we work with see us as their IT department, invested in improving the operational performance of their business.  They all continue to operate knowing that we have their best interests at heart at all times and are fully engaged in a partnership to facilitate growth.