Bellingham IT's Big Changes

09 May 2022

To improve the delivery of our services and support, we are delighted to announce a brand-new partnership with Contedia, bespoke computer support, and service company. This will ensure Bellingham IT’s customers will receive an excellent level of customer service and IT support, guaranteeing our businesses have access to a responsive and experienced team of systems and network engineers. ...

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Tried turning it off and on again?

27 April 2022

You may say it in many ways; ‘can you reboot’, ‘could you power down the machine’ or ‘have you tried re-configuring the primary power coupling’. They all mean the same thing! Often people don’t like this advice due to it not being a true ‘fix’. There is, however, some logic behind this overwhelming piece of advice. ...

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Thinking of moving to the cloud?

14 April 2022

Thinking of moving your business to the cloud? The cloud has been a central talking point for businesses over recent years. Technology is constantly changing. Blink once and you may get left behind. Blink twice and you may be too far behind to catch up. ...

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Remote working has become an important tool for many businesses

29 March 2022

Remote working has become an important tool for many businesses. Nowadays, a large generation of employees are looking for roles that offer them a better work-life balance and flexibility. ...

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How to protect yourself against a cyberattack as the Russia-Ukraine crisis escalates.

16 March 2022

Russia’s conflict with Ukraine might seem a world away, but cyber security experts are warning about a different kind of warfare that could strike closer to home: cyber attacks. Russian hackers have already hit the Ukrainian government websites and banking systems as of this week. As tension between Russia and Ukraine escalates, it is important that everyone is prepared and protected. ...

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How you can use two VPN’s on one device for double the security.

26 February 2022

It’s common knowledge that a private connection can be made with the use of a VPN. A VPN can not only hide your IP address, browsing activity, and personal data but it can help to guard against attackers and intruders on public Wi-Fi. If a secure connection is what you’re looking for then why not double up? ...

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Automation could quite possibly be the key to a business’s success.

17 February 2022

More and more companies are automating their IT workflow with self-help and self-healing tools and executing strategies that increase efficiency, decrease operating costs and improve service performance. IT teams are finding this strategy is a powerful way to reduce demand and expense for service desk and field service support, and at the same time, increase employee satisfaction. ...

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Best monitors of 2022: what to look for

14 February 2022

One of the easiest ways to instantly refresh your computing experience, when dealing with old IT equipment, is to invest in a new monitor. Why not upgrade your monitor in 2022 to enhance your computing experience? This article is here to help you decide on the best fit for you. ...

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Many businesses aren’t future-proofing their tech plans

02 February 2022

Businesses understand the importance of digital technology, but they rarely keep long-term vision in mind when they invest in new solutions. 2021 offered valuable lessons about how and why technology business leaders need to future-proof their business models. ...

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Most companies aren’t making the most out of Microsoft 365

24 January 2022

Most of us are guilty of sticking to what we know instead of trying new technologies and software. The Microsoft 365 suite is more robust than many people think. There are currently 28 applications in the Microsoft 365 suite, are you guilty of not making the most out of them? ...

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B2B firms are getting cold feet on buying decisions

12 January 2022

You may be wondering what are B2B sales and how do they differentiate from B2C sales? Business to business trades are sales between two businesses and business to consumer sales are when you sell directly to individuals. B2B sales are often a long process and involve more negotiations but can ultimately lead to a more solid and longer lasting partnership and sales. ...

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Most common data backup mistakes in 2021

04 January 2022

Many people believe data backups are simple. Now more than ever, data backups are necessary for your business to run smoothly. Whether you’re working from home, on the go, or at the office, losing any of your important data can cause a serious headache. Backups can also protect against attacks from malware and ransomware. ...

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Business highlights of the year

28 December 2021

As the year is coming to an end, we would like to share what we are most thankful for during the 2021 business year and highlight some of our favourite moments. This year has been excellent as a whole and we could not have achieved as many successes without your support. For that we are extremely grateful. So, hold on tight as we show you the very best that 2021 had to offer.  ...

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Faulty IT kit is losing companies money

21 December 2021

As a society, we rely on our laptops and phones to get our day-to-day tasks done, now more than ever before. Imagine being in a business meeting and your battery suddenly dies or your computer starts lagging. Not only do technical faults cost companies time and money but we all know how frustrating and unproductive it can be to work on a laptop that just doesn’t work properly. ...

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Legacy IT systems causing major problems

07 December 2021

IT changes in the blink of an eye, which can be immensely challenging for modern businesses. It can often feel like the moment a business fully adapts to a new IT system or way of operating, the technology shifts again, leaving organisations with a difficult choice to make betweek; updating  their systems again to embrace the possibilities offered by technology and sticking to their existing systems. ...

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12 Cyber tips of Christmas

02 December 2021

It’s that time of the year when many of you will be preparing for festive celebrations, family gatherings and the all-important office Christmas parties. We hope you all have fun during this joyous period but remember to stay cyber safe. Security of data, assets and people is our mission, so we have compiled 12 cyber tips, so you have a cyber safe Christmas. ...

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Women In Tech

22 November 2021

The technology industry is the backbone of businesses across the world, and a sector that often faces scrutiny around gender diversity. Diversity within the workplace is one of the key areas in which needs to happen. In the technology industry, for example, women still struggle with significant underrepresentation. ...

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How to use a VPN and why you should consider using one?

01 November 2021

The lasting effects of covid means more and more people have been working remotely, whether this is from home or their local coffee shop. It’s no surprise that the increase in demand for VPN’s (virtual private networks) has risen alongside the usage of public Wi-Fi. The question is ‘how’ can employees utilise VPNs to keep the company network secure whilst out of the comfort of the office environment.  ...

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Mac Vs Windows- What are the main differences between the two?

19 October 2021

Are you purchasing a new PC but unsure whether Mac or Windows would be the best option for you? To help you find the best fit, we have compared their features and researched for you. ...

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The Top 3 Cybersecurity Threats for UK Businesses and 3 tips to combat them

04 October 2021

Imagine a busy day in the office and suddenly, your computer starts running slower than usual and before you know it your computer has stopped working entirely! All you did was click on an email link entitled ‘Read this email for our next business meeting’. How would you and your employer handle this situation? ...

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Is the future passwordless?

29 September 2021

It is predicted that 60% of large and global enterprises will be passwordless for more than half of use cases by 2022. As a passwordless future is looking more likely, we are exploring the advantages and disadvantages of going passwordless. ...

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Eradicating the top 3 most common cloud misconceptions

08 September 2021

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of why the cloud has become as mainstream as it is, we must first discuss what it is and some of its primary functions. In its most basic form, the cloud is an alternative to your computer hard drive. ...

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When and why will you need an IT Consultant?

10 August 2021

Many organisations don’t have the time or resources to achieve technological gains in house. They usually have other day-to-day responsibilities that consume their time leaving little left to think about innovative strategies to tackle their IT challenges. ...

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Getting the most out of IT Systems

09 August 2021

Everyone gets their car service regularly, as well as reviewing mortgages to make sure you are on a competitive rate. But how do you ever review your IT systems? IT systems are the heart of your organisation; therefore, it is important to make sure it is in good shape and your businesses is getting the best of every aspect. ...

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Big Data

28 July 2021

Big data is large, more complex data sets, especially from new data sources. These data sets are so voluminous that traditional data processing software cannot manage them. Masses of data can be used to address business problems you would not have been able to tackle before. ...

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