Future-proof your business with trusted, cost-efficient hardware

Future-proof your business with trusted, cost-efficient hardware.

You don't need to be an IT expert to appreciate the critical role technology plays in your company's success.

At the heart of the matter lies hardware. Put simply, it underpins your IT business function and consequently, your entire business – whether yours matches people to property, builds widgets for machinery, or provides the nation's evening meals.

No matter what your industry, each department across your business relies on hardware to go about its day-to-day operations. From the desktop PCs and notebooks helping each team member perform their role, to the servers and networking equipment that allows them to connect with colleagues internally and customers and suppliers externally. Today's businesses expect robust hardware that's both cost-efficient and built to last. Yet with numerous brands pushing multiple systems, it seems the 'hard' in hardware is as much about the marketplace as it is about the materials.

The BIT Benefit  

When your next IT hardware upgrade comes around, save yourself a headache and talk to the professionals. Experts in the provision and installation of hardware solutions, Bellingham IT manages all of your requirements, however large or small your budget. Our aim is to keep your technology and team performing at their best.

What to expect:

  • A complete collaborative approach to your hardware, aligning our goals with yours to ensure an IT solution that best fits your needs now and in the future
  • Key partnerships with industry leaders, giving you a clear route to leading hardware solutions that are trusted, reliable and cost-effective
  • A knowledgeable team proficient in sourcing efficient IT solutions that best match your circumstances to drive your business forward

Your number one partner in business IT hardware

With almost twenty years' experience, you can rely on Bellingham IT's professional team to provide the know-how and the equipment to see your hardware projects over the line. 

Our professional IT experts support customers across multiple industries with a range of hardware solutions to meet their needs today, and into the future. 100% vendor-agnostic, and with a consultative approach to IT solutions, we'll always match the best solution available on the market to our customer's requirement. It's why our customers and partners love to work with us – and why you will too.


Leading solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 keep your team operating at full efficiency and ensure customer needs are fulfilled quickly.

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Safeguard your network and systems against intrusion from external or internal sources to prevent data loss or system downtime.

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