Business continuity with protection and peace of mind built in

Business continuity with protection and peace of mind built in.

Just thinking about losing your IT function can bring on a feeling of nausea. And it can happen at any time, whether it’s caused by human error or a technical fault.

Without question, disaster recovery is something every business must plan for, even if yours is lucky enough to avoid a breakdown in IT services. Call it your business IT ‘Plan B’ – and every business needs one.

Whether your data and systems reside locally or in the cloud, having a safeguard against disaster is essential to having your business up and running again as quickly as possible. Making sure your team can continue operating regardless of the situation and with minimal disruption to their productivity is critical; not to mention ensuring zero impact on your customers and no loss in revenue.

The BIT Benefit

Experts in strategies and IT systems to support disaster recovery, Bellingham IT creates solutions to suit any customer, regardless of size and infrastructure. Keeping your business focus in mind, our team designs and implements a robust plan to future-proof your assets while keeping additional investment costs to a minimum.

What to expect:

  • A solid DR plan designed in sync with your business continuity strategy to keep each organisational function operational with minimal downtime
  • Review of your current infrastructure – physical and virtual – to optimise existing assets before committing to additional technology spend
  • A ‘pro-active first, responsive second’ approach to disaster recovery, with a trusted failover system in place and a support team on hand as an additional backup
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Recovery is never an issue with Bellingham IT

Yes, disasters happen. But for almost twenty years, our business IT solutions have prevented many unforeseen events from impacting our customers.

Primarily, it’s about having a system in place you know is ultra-reliable in the event of a disaster. Thanks to Bellingham IT, you’ll have peace of mind your IT systems continue to drive your business forward – even during exceptional circumstances.  Our team of technical engineers are highly experienced in the design and implementation of DR strategies. That’s your failover sorted, and your headaches gone.


Automated IT makes great business sense. Streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

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When your team members share a common goal, it makes complete sense to provide tools and platforms that enable them to collaborate.

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