Enable your systems to communicate effectively

Enabling your systems to communicate effectively.

Get your systems talking with a business solution that automates processes to increase efficiency and drive greater results. 

On average, large companies across the UK use more than 100 apps in their daily operations. Often, only a fraction of those systems communicate with one another effectively. And that’s before considering any additional systems used to collaborate with external suppliers and partners.

Having systems talk to one another means they operate more efficiently. And with efficiency comes higher productivity rates, which leads to increased output from your team and a faster route towards your business goals. It can be the difference between a successful project, or one that fails at the first hurdle, results in financial loss or causes a long-standing customer to walk away.   

The BIT Benefit

When you’re looking to automate your systems, the team at Bellingham IT is all ears. Our highly-skilled, professional team has experience in designing and implementing integrations both simple and complex, ensuring better connectivity between each system you use and creating automated processes that generate smooth, stress-free workflows.

What to expect:

A client-centric team that takes time to understand your full suite of systems before designing an automation solution to suit your needs

Expert knowledge of the automation process, including how and where to implement changes to drive the best results across your business

Real cost savings thanks to a faster, efficient set of workflows connecting each business function and any third-party providers

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Ready to talk Automation?

Expect the best-in-class from Bellingham IT, a service provider with over two decades’ experience implementing business IT solutions across Yorkshire.

For our team, it’s about much more than just having knowledge of systems automation and removing the complexity from IT to make tasks simple – although that certainly helps. What our clients value most is our business focus and a professional team that pays attention to their objectives before discussing what process to fix and how. We combine this with premium customer care, honesty and a quality service through and through.


"As a partnership business ourselves we really value personal service, and this is what sets Bellingham IT apart from its competitors. They care about helping us grow and have enabled us to work really flexibly during a challenging period. We had to react swiftly to the pandemic and quickly adapt our offering. We could not have done this without Bellingham IT’s proactive and responsive support."

Tunley Engineering.

"Our goal was to find an IT team that were experts in their field while also having extensive knowledge of our needs as a manufacturer. Bellingham IT has an impressive track record and was the obvious choice for our organisation."



When your team members share a common goal, it makes complete sense to provide tools and platforms that enable them to collaborate.

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Systems can break down and the unthinkable does happen. Your business and your IT infrastructure need to be prepared.

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